“The Biosphere is the matrix of humanity and all its works.”
John P. Allen
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Documentary Film “Will Apples Grow on Mars?

This remarkable film depicts the creation of Biosphere 2, the world’s first (and so far, only) totally sealed miniature world designed for long term human habitation. In 1991, four men and four women were locked inside Biosphere 2 as an experiment to see if they could survive for two years by recycling all their waste, water and air, and by growing all their food without fertilizers or pesticides. Described as “One of the greatest scientific experiments of the 20th century”, Biosphere 2 contained a rainforest, ocean, river, marsh, desert and a half acre farm.
Director, Ken Howard. Producer, Irving Rappaport.




Visions of Biospheres

by: John Allen & Bernd Lötsch

Renowned ecologists and architects of ideas, Bernd Lötsch and John Allen share their inspiring visions of projects designed to help us understand our biosphere. […]

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Biospherics Papers



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