Margaret L. Augustine



Co-Founder, President, CEO and Project Architect, Biospheric Design, Inc. (A Synergetic Architecture and Biosphere Design company), a corporation focusing on developing a biospheric perspective in architecture.


Projects Underway

1997 – Project Manager for Design of Earth Laboratory Biospherics with Biospheres, LLC.

1997 – Architecture and Design for the Kingdoms of the Biosphere with Biospheres, LLC.

1996 Director of Synergia Ranch LLC, Manager of Architecture for developing a Wellness Center.

1994 to 1996 The Augustine Complex, Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1994 – Architect and consultant to Savannah Systems Derby Western Australia, Headquarters and facilities for a tropical Savannah project in drought resistant grass development.

1994 – Architect and Consultant to Las Casas de la Selva, a 1000 acre sustainable rain forest project in Puerto Rico.

1994 – Architect and Site Development of Silver Hills CEO-planned Community , Cerrillos Hills, New Mexico.

1986 to 1994 CEO, Biosphere 2 in Tucson, Arizona.

1988 to 1994 CO-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of International Space University.

1978 New projects design, Project and Design Consultants Pty. Ltd. Singapore.

1975 to 1977 Project Design Manager, Synopco Corporation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Thirty unit adobe residential condominium compound. Units now valued at about 7 million dollars.

1975 to 1977 Treasurer, Synopco Corporation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1974 to 1975 Project Manager, Institute of Ecotechnics, Oakland California.
Management of construction of an ocean – going research vessel, the R/V Heraclitus, still exploring the world ocean in 1996 on a Planetary Coral Reef Foundation expedition.


1985 Biosphere II: A Project to Create a Biosphere
Paper presented to the National Commission on Space, San Francisco, California.
Concept and design of closed ecological systems for bioregenerative life habitats for
space stations.

1986 Biosphere II : The closed Ecology Project.
Paper presented to American Astronautical Society, Goddard Memorial symposium, and
published by the American Astronautical Society in The Human Quest in Space,
Science and Technology, edited by Gerald L. Burdett and Gerald A. Soffen, 1986.

1986 Large Scale Earth Models.
Paper presented to American Astronautical Society conference, Denver, Colorado.
Published by the American Astronautical Society in Aerospace Volume G4, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, edited by G.W. Morenthlaler, Gayle L. May, W. Kent Tobiska and N. Kostar, 1987.

1987 History of Closed Ecological Systems.
Paper presented to the International Review of the History , Current work and Future of Closed Ecological Systems conference, program arranged by the Institute of Ecotechnics and held at the Royal society in London. Publication in a two volume edition in the Encyclopedia of space series by Ellis, Horwood, Chitchester, England.

1987 Biosphere II: Project Overview.
Paper presented at a public seminar sponsored by Planet and People Relations Inc.

1987 Biosphere II: Project Overview.
Paper presented at a Columbia University Center for the Study of Global Habitability
symposium on Biosphere II, New York.

1987 Making Space Biospheres a Reality.
Paper presented to National Center for Atmospheric Research Workshop on scientific
use of Orbiting Shuttle External Tanks. Boulder Colorado.

1988 Biospheres, Space and Joint Ventures.
Paper presented for the Distinguished Scholars Series at the Rochester Museum and
Science Center, New York.

1988 Life Habitats for Space Locations.
Paper presented at Congressional briefing on human settlement of Space,
Washington D.C.

1988 Biosphere II: Advancing the Frontiers of Ecological Science.
Foundation Ecology and the Environment symposium, Oklahoma City.

1989 Biosphere II: Biotechnology for Earth and Space Habitats.
Paper presented to the symposium on Biotechnolgy for Aerospace Applications, United States Air Force Academy Colorado Springs.

1989 Space Biospheres.
Paper presented to IBM Annual conference, San Juan Puerto Rico.

1989 Towards an Ecological Future in Space and on Earth.
Paper presented to Arizona Looks to the Future: Space technology and the Economy
conference chaired by Congressman Jim Kolbe, Tucson.

1991 Biosphere 2: Project Overview.
National Civil Engineering Research Needs Forum, Washington D.C.

1991 NEOCON 23 – World Congress on Environmental Planning and Design. Biosphere 2 Project Overview. Chicago.

1991 Biosphere 2: Project Overview.
Flagstaff Festival of Science, Flagstaff, AZ.1991 Biosphere 2: Project Overview.
Smithsonian Resident Associates Program, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

1991 Biosphere 2: Project Overview.
Arizona Association of Counties Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ.

1992 Biosphere 2: Project Overview.
1992 Engineers Fair, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

et quas molestias excepturi sint. occaecati cupiditate non provident.


1976 B.A. in Architecture, Institute of Ecotechnics.

1971 to 1973 Self-financed world travel studying cultures and cities.


Projects Completed

Biosphere 2, Space Biospheres Ventures Oracle, Arizona
Project Manager for design and construction (BDI) of a three acre closed ecological system and associated research facilities. Two Gold Medal Awards for Exellence.

Manaus National Park Visitors Complex
For the Government of Bhutan in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund – Masterplan and Concept Design.

Caravan of Dreams Performing Arts Center and Desert Dome, Fort Worth Texas
Central city performing arts center including a nightclub, theater , restaurant , retail, residential complex and domed cactus garden containing 350 species of cactus from around the world. Project Management and Concept and Design Architects.

Hotel Vajra, Katmandu, Nepal
Architecture and Project Management of Ecotourist Hotel, restaurant, and cultural Arts Center Complex .Featured in articles around the world.

Londonia House, London England
Renovation of a Victorian Gothic schoolhouse as a cultural arts center, studio and office complex.

Les Marronniers, Aix-en Provence
Renovation of an 18th Century mansion as a conference center and pasture/farm/orchard research station.

Project Tibet, New Mexico
An integrated plaza, trading, event, and art gallery space in Canyon Road area in Santa Fe for this Tibetan Foundation’s use.