Journal Of Life Support and Biosphere Science

Key papers on the results of the two-year Biosphere 2 closure experiment (1991-1993) are published for the first time in this issue.

Papers included:

“Biospheric Theory and Report on Overall Biosphere 2 Design and Performance,” John Allen

“Engineering of Biosphere 2: Closure and Energy,” William F. Dempster

“Closed Ecological Life Support System-Related Activities in Japan,” Sheishiro Kibe, Akira Ashida, Koji Otsubo, Keiji Nitta

“Lessons Learned Studying Design Issues for Lunar and Mars Settlements,” Craig E. Litton

“Nutrient Recycling Systems of Biosphere 2. Litterfall, Decomposition, and Wastewater Recycling: Results from the 1991-1993 Closure Experiment,” Mark Nelson

“Growing Super-Drawf Wheat in Space Station Mir,” Frank B. Salisbury

“Food Production and Nutrition for the Crew During the First Two-Year Closure of Biosphere 2,” Sally Silverstone

Volume 4, Number 3 / 4

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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Life Support and Biosphere Science (LS&B Science) is designed to meet the needs of an emerging field of study necessitated by the innate human interest in exploration. As mankind stretches the limits of environmental understanding in space, under the sea, and in harsh Earth environments, new lessons are learned which affect our daily travels on Spaceship Earth.

Small spacecraft and submarines have used physical/chemical measures to recycle clean air and fresh water and principles of these small, unforgiving systems are directly applicable to understanding life support on Earth. As plants are added and biospheric systems become large, basic concepts of cycling of elements and the importance of biodiversity have direct implications for issues of global warming, the protection of endangered species, and clean water requirements. LS&B Science provides a forum for the sharing of these concepts among diverse groups, bringing the issues of Earth in touch with the issues of Space.

Topics include:

Advanced Life Support systems, EVA, Thermal Control Systems, Planetary/Undersea/Earth Habitats, Life Sciences, Environmental Control systems, Closed Environmental Life Support Systems (CELSS), Closed Ecology Experiment Facilities (CEEF) and Bio-regenerative systems.

The Journal covers a spectrum from news and event summaries to peer reviewed technical articles, and contains papers from the leading conferences in this field from around the world. LS&B Science meets the needs of scientists working in this field, and those interested in the design and manufacture of air and water systems, and for people responsible for educating the public about developments and insights from this field.

Now in its 6th Year! The refereed Journal for closed environmental air-water systems serving the research, scientific and industry world-wide in the fields of:

Space and Undersea Life support
Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning
Municipal Power, Water, Waste
With applications in:
Water/Air Reclamation Using Physical/Chemical systems
Plants/Bio-Regenerative Crops
Water & Air Monitoring
Indoor Gardens for Educational and Research Facilities
Undersea and Polar Habitats
Closed Systems Test Beds

“It is my expectation that this new journal will enable researchers in life support systems, biospheric research, and other related areas to share results and pose further questions that will motivate continues progress in our undertanding of both natural and artificial environmental systems.”
John D. Rummel, Ph.D.
Acting Deputy Chief,
Mission from Planet Earth Study Office, NASA

“It is my hope that the journal, LS&B Science, will provide a scientific and engineering forum for publication of information regarding the role of the terrestrial biosphere in Earth processes, particularly projected global climate change.”
Robert K. Dixon, Leader,
Global Mitigation and Adaptation Program,

“My experience on Salyut taught me the importance of man living with machine. This Journal could do many good things by discussing this relationship.”
Oleg Atkov,
Cardiologist and Cosmonaut

“This new journal will indeed fulfill the role of a rigorously peer-reviewed journal in the area of life support systems and biospherics which is very much needed.”
Donald L. Henninger, Ph.D.,
Chief Scientist for Regerative Life Support Systems,


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The Journal of Life Support and Biosphere Science (LS&B Sience)


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Advising Editor
Guy Fogleman
Lead for Advanced Human Support Technology in the Life Sciences
Division at NASA Headquarters
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Managing Editor
Physical Chemical Systems
Charles Ray
ED62/Environmental Control and Life Support Branch
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35805
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Managing Editor
Underwater Systems
Dudley Crosson
Delta P
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Earth Systems
Mark Nelson
Institute of Ecotechnics
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Fax. (505) 424-3336

Managing Editor
Advanced Life Support Systems-Space

Managing Editor
Extra Vehicular Activity
Dave Romero
Project Manager
Life Support & Cryogenics
Oceaneering Space Systems
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Managing Editor
Harsh Environmental Systems
David Bubenheim
NASA Ames Research Center
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International Editor Japan
Keiji Nitta
Institute for Environmental Science
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International Editor
Russia Josef Gitelson
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Russia Co-Editor
Peter Chetirkin
Dynamac Corp.
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Contributing Editor
Lighting Systems
Joel L. Cuello, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and
Biosystems Engineering
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The University of Arizona
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Contributing Editor
Space Medicine
Sheryl L. Bishop Assistant Professor Preventive,
Environmental and Occupational Medicine
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, Texas
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Galveston, Texas 775551029
(409)747-6129 Fax

Contributing Editor
Space Nursing
Linda Plush,
Advance Practice Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist-Adult
Nursing & Nephrology
C/O Plush Systems Inc./West Palm Inc.
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Palmdale, Calif 93551
805 949 6780 (24 hrs)
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Contributing Editor
Food and Nutrition
Charles T. Bourland
Subsystem Manager,
Space Station Food, Flight Crew Support
Division, NASA/Johnson Space Center,
Houston, Texas

Contributing Editor
Human Factors
M. Ephimia Morphew,
The Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments
6052 Wilmington Pike, No. 166,
Dayton, Ohio 45459
phone: 1-800-447-HPEE

Contributing Editor
Marc M. Cohen, Arch.D, Architect
Advanced Projects Branch
Space Projects Division
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Associate Editor
Beverly Huff
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Topic Coordinators
Jay Garland
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Charles Barnes
Universities Space Research Association
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Henry A. Robitaille
Strategic Partnerships
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Physical Chemical Space Systems:
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ED62/Environmental Control and Life Support Branch
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Mary Traweek
ED62/Environmental Control and Life Support Branch
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35805
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Food and Nutrition:
Yael Vodovotz
NASA Johnson Space Center
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Underwater Systems:
James Kirk
Senior Professional Staff
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John Hopkins University
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Kanapathipillai Wignarajah Ph.D
MS 239A-3
Moffet Field, CA 94035

Craig E. Litton
Manager Health and Safety
Wyle Laboratories
Life Sciences Systems and Services
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Abigail Alling
President, Biospheres, A Division of Global Ecotechnics Corp
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Patrick M. French
International Space University
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